Frequently Asked Questions

The Town has 10 days to respond to any request.

Building Permits are issued by the Town's Building Inspector - Grand Valley Inspection Services, Susan Leahy at 920-229-6360

Conditional Use Permit Applications, Land Use Permit Applications, Rezoning Applications and Variance Applications are all handled by the Zoning Administrator - Rick Koon @ 920-896-2212

Please contact one of the above listed persons to start the process.  They can guide you in what forms and applications you will need.

Also, check under Forms & Permits for the steps that need to be followed for Conditional Use Applications and Land Use Applications.

Difference between needing a Conditional Use, Variance or a Rezoning Permit

Conditional Use Permit:  A Conditional Use Permit is to be used when requesting a use not permitted by an Ordinance in a Zoning District.

Variance:  A Variance is used when a request to change a requirement in an Ordinance such as-- set backs, etc. created by a hardship not caused by the individual.

Rezoning:  A Rezoning is used to request to rezone a parcel from one zoning to another.